Combo water proofing or combo waterproofing system is yet technology that protects the walls and roof tops from leakage and seepage. As per waterproofing contractors in Abu Dhabi, some people think of combo water proofing as some kind of regular water proofing but this is not the actual fact. In fact, a combo water proofing is a step ahead of regular water proofing because in combo water proofing, there are additional steps involved which make it even more durable and effective. Most people who want to have a long term solution for this very problem often seem to opt for the combo water proofing. The reason for it being long term and durable is that it has additional coatings for water proofing. In this article we will be telling about the steps and stages that are involved in the process of combo water proofing.

Site visit and preparation

The first and foremost step in the process of combo water proofing is the site visit and inspection. This is one of the most important step in the preparation. The inspectors and engineers of any such firm and company are ought to visit the site where the process needs to be carried out. They inspect it thoroughly and gather info about the site. This helps in preparing in a much better way. Some of the things that they check when they come to inspect include the air flow, the level humidity at the place and many other environment related quantities.

Foam application

Any step further than the previous is highly motivated to be performed only after the inspection has been made. The next step that comes after the inspection is the foam application. This is a type of coating that is applied in the most initial stage of the combo water proofing process. This proves to be a base of the whole coating process. This coating is left for a minimum of 8 hours before the next step could be carried out.

Final coating

After foam application the process has a few steps as well which leads to the final step where the final coating is applied.