The visa waiver program means that a person who has the passport of a specific country and almost all passports have some countries, are free to travel without a visa. This visa is only for visiting the visa free countries and the time is very limited and the procedure is difficult. For example, Qatar has visa waiver program for Pakistani citizens. But to apply for a visitor’s visa, the person has to show that he/she has relatives there and those relatives have to say yes that they take full responsibility of that person. And if the person does not have any relatives there, he/she has to make reservations for hotel and a return ticket which will be coordinated with the hotel reservation as well. And show a good and strong bank account statement as well.

This might sound amazing that you get to visit so many countries and there are many advantages to it like you can see different cultures and see different kind of businesses people are doing in other countries and how that country welcomes or treats you. And then there are many disadvantages of it as well. First of all, you can stay there only for a limited time; for mostly 15 days to 90 days and if you want to extend your stay, you have to exit their country and get another visa again. And you have to mention the reason of your visit. Sometimes, people pay the embassy fee and when they ask for a cover letter which they mention why they want to visit the embassy rejects the application and the money goes wasted and nothing is refunded. Also, a rejected application is considered bad, because the embassy can again reject if you still don’t have a good cause according to them.

Even people have heard stories that they exit their country’s airports and when they reach the other country’s airport and at the area of visa stamping, the officer asks regular questions with an interrogative face, the applicants get confused and again they don’t get allowed to enter in their country and are set back to their own country. And most countries don’t allow specific country’s people to enter their country but if you have the Cyprus citizenship by investment program or get the St. Lucia citizenship by investment, you will have more options.