Labour is very tiring process for a woman to go through. It is the last step of gestation. Therefore, women are advised to take care of themselves and make a complete bag for that day few days before because they will need a lot of things due to having so much stress and needs at that time.

The bag should have following things:

Clothes: Make a small bag for hospital. Keep few but comfortable clothes in it. Order maternity clothes online for the day of labour, because after going through labour, you will need extremely comfy clothes. Keep maternity pants and bras with you because you will need them.

Towel: Keep towel with you because while going to hospital, you will sweat a lot because it would be painful for you to walk so much till the booked room. Keep a small towel so that it can in the bag easily.

Baby clothes: Keep clothes and nappies for your baby too because what will he or she wear after coming out of womb?  Keep one to two clothes for infant. They are enough.

Feeder: Keep a small or medium sized feeder for your child because he will definitely need food after birth and at many times you are not that energized to go through breast feeding. So keep it for safe side.

Milk: Keep a small box of milk safely in bag because you might need it when you are weak enough to feed him by yourself.

Snacks: Keep digestive biscuits and water bottle with you and of you have space, then keep a small bowl of salad or raw fruits too so that you can keep yourself energized while going to hospital. Always keep a water bottle with you because you will need it while making milk for baby or to drink yourself.

Soap and cream: infants skin is very sensitive and soft. That’s is why you need to use specified soaps and creams to keep their skin unharmed. Therefore, keep them in your bag too.

Breast pumps: keep a breast pump in bag because you might find it difficult to breast feed your child initially so this pump will help you. So,  these are few things which you will need to put in your bag while making it for the day of labour. Hope you would have less pain and lots of joy.