There are several or you can say countless coffee shops in Jumeirah but people prefer to go to a certain coffee shop due to several reasons. These are the reasons which they think are essential for a coffee shop to have along with the specialty coffee in Dubai. The main thing is that the coffee has to be the best in order to retain old customers and to attract the new one but many other things should be taken into account so that a coffee shop will have more customers than the others. These reasons are as follows:

Ambiance: Ambiance has a great significance when it comes to prefer one shop over the other. People want an ambiance which will help them in relaxing while they go there in their coffee breaks or boost their mood when they go there in the morning.

Staff behavior: They also give a great emphasis on the staff behavior of the coffee shop. The staff must be available in the morning so that people will not have to rush to the counter for placing their order and then to receive after the given time. They don’t want to do this exercise in the morning before going to work so the coffee shop must appoint the staff which can be present there in the morning with their full energy to serve the customers nicely and kindly. They must not be irritated in the morning specially, when people need some good vibes from them.

Quality: Quality of the coffee has to be the best but it is also necessary for the coffee shop to offer the best quality side items too. Some people enjoy their coffee alone while others have the craving to eat something good and light with that. It may be a piece of cake, freshly baked biscuits, freshly fried donuts or made to order pan cakes. They all and other side items should be offered with the coffee.

Menu: Menu of the coffee shop must be appealing in order to have more customers. It should be devise in a way that the customer thinks he is getting more than what he is paying. Attractive deals and captivating names of the items will do wonders. But these all things work when the quality is best.