Many of us still think that shower filters are just another gimmick for the rich people who love to look 15 years younger than their actually age. But this will completely change once you read this article and find out the mind blowing benefits and how it can change the way you think about the water purifier UAE.

Trust us when we tell you that when you take a shower alone, you are actually not alone but surrounded by a million microorganisms and bacteria. When you stand under a hot shower and wash away all your worries and dirt with the foamy leather of soap, you have no idea about how many of them your shower head is throwing on you already. These all filthy bacteria and germs pile around you unfiltered shower head and come pouring down the minute you start the shower. There are different carcinogenic bacteria which are multiplying over the time on your shower head when you are not using shower filter UAE to keep them away from spreading their dirt.

If you are obsessed with skin care then you may be aware of the fact that when you take a bath, your pores open up giving a free pass to absorption of toxic substances. This risk increases when you are taking a bath which has unfiltered water that can probably mean that you are bathing with a by product of water treatment which was cleansed by chlorine to make it worthy of use but still not worthy enough that it can save you from hazardous health issues. There is already a great amount of chloroform entering our body through lungs and it increases even more when it is paired with open pores and skin absorption. Also, it’s not only chlorine and chloroform that is dangerous, in fact there are other airborne chemicals which we are completely unaware of that gets into our body.

If you love taking long baths and spending your spare time in investing in showering routine then you may be exposed to the dangerous of cancer. Yes it is true that high intake of chlorine in your body can cause cancer germs to spread all over and result in a life threatening situation. Well, this all can be prevented only if you start using a shower filter which will prove to be best in what it does.