Raising children in a good way by teaching them to be kind, humble, nice, obedient, helpful, active etc can not only benefit you and your family but it will benefit the country you are living in as well. Family plays a vital role in the developing of a child’s personality, it can either ruin generations or can even prosper generations. It all depends on how you raise them and how much attention you invest into them it.

A family has even more importance in the upbringing of kids than even school. Family is the basic and first institution the child goes to. The family is what teaches the kid to speak, to walk and to behave.

Parenting is not only about biological linkage but it is promoting and supporting a child’s physical, mental, psychological, social, emotional and intellectual development.

In order to save your child from getting into bad activities you need to be a good listener, you need to be patient and you need to spend as much time with him or her as possible. Always praise your child over his/her achievements. Do not use words like loser or failure. Help him into  setting his goals, make him ambitious, be his friend and even if you are busy whole day at least sit together at the dinner table for some moments and discuss the day’s happenings.

Support your child in extra curricular activities to keep them healthy physically healthy. it is not necessary that if he is doing homework the atmosphere needs to be quiet and there should be no noise in the room. If you are working and you need a noise free environment your childhood might not necessarily need the same. Your child might work far more efficiently in the presence of light music or while listening to cartoons. 

If you want your kid to be healthy then you need to concentrate on his food as well. If you are a mom and you are sending your kid to the school with money  then instead of it you should pack some apple, noodles, fries in the lunch box because you are not sure if the food available for him outside is healthy or not. 

Try to meet your child’s friends to know if they are good people or not. Visit your child school on and off to know about his study’s condition and his other activities. Avoid scolding him rather treat him with love and preach him in a low tone. Celebrate their birthdays just like kids parties Dubai are arranged. 

Do not praise your child’s friends in front of your child in the form of giving an example because that would not motivate your child but would create jealousy for his friend as well as hatred for you and would kill the spark the child has inside.

If you are planning to have a baby then keep in mind that it is not an easy task to raise a child and it does not over here, you need to notice each and everything and you need to notice even the minor changes your child passes through because being a parent is to support a person from infancy to adulthood.