The term bulletproof itself elaborates the true strength of the glass. Although it does not mean that a glass can bear direct bullet shot but still it is one of the most protective glass type which will prevent you from any injury. You can visit several websites to estimate the exact Bulletproof glass cost so that you could decide that weather it is appropriate for you or not. Few years back bulletproof glass were only used by the people who are at higher risk of attacks like VIPs, government representatives, security and military people. But nowadays use of bulletproof glass is highly demanding because of enhanced crime incidents. If you are using bullet resistant glass for cars then apart from security protection it will also provide you safety during any road accident as well because of its tough nature. This is why bulletproof glass possess a wide range of applications, some of which are as follows.

Health care system

This include a wide range of authorities like diagnostic labs, hospitals, pharmacies and much more. All these organizations require high security because a huge number of working staff and patients are present inside. Their lives are quite important so to protect the entire health care system from any terrorist attack, the security must be strong enough. For this purpose higher managing authorities of these organizations arrange a suitable security check in terms of armed guards, thorough entrance checking, CCTV cameras and most importantly bulletproof glass as well.


Bank is a place which require high security because of the enhanced risk of robberies. This is because bank is occupied by huge savings of several people in terms of gold, property papers, money and much more. Due to this reason they must take extra precautionary steps to diminish the chances of any terrible incident. Apart from appointing armed security guards, the building of bank should also contain bulletproof glass doors and windows to provide further protection.

Cars and houses

Personal safety should also be considered appropriately at every stage. The incidence of crime is increasing day by day so appropriate steps must be taken to protect your self and your family from any loss or damage. For this purpose the glass windows of your house and car must have sufficient capability to withstand any extra pressure and protect you from any injury. Bulletproof glass possess such tendency and that is why it is highly demanding nowadays.