We all love looking at the beautiful and mesmerizing wallpapers that brings life to the boring walls and interior of your home. Sadly, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 it isn’t easy to keep ourselves quarantined and not do anything which is why DIY wallpaper sounds like the perfect activity to get lost in. Yes, we know no one is delivering goods, which is why the following technique of making wallpaper uses all the items and supplies that you may find laying around your house:

  • Fabric of your choice,
  • Fabric starch,
  • Sponge (you can also use new dish washing sponge if crafting one not available)
  • Wallpaper scraper or a sharp straight lid laying around,
  • Wash cloth,
  • Large pan.

The directions to DIYing a wallpaper are almost similar to the one which you would see when you design or order the one on a website. You will have to measure your wall, see how many inches or yards it covers and then divide that into panels to know and understand how many yards of fabric you will require. Considering the current situation, you cannot buy a completely new fabric but you can surely use your bedsheet to recycle.

Start cutting up your fabric very precisely and keenly because the pattern which you will cut has to coordinate with the previous panel. Take your time and don’t rush the process – not that you are in a hurry to be somewhere in this pandemic or that someone’s coming over.

Now with a wash cloth, get rid of all the dirt and debris that might be stuck there as it can be a barrier in sticking the wallpaper to the wall easily. Here comes the fun part, pour the starch in the pan and grab the sponge to coat the wall with starch to prepare for the wallpaper. Start applying the fabric to the wall and continue the process till you reach the floor. Once you are done with the first panel, grab the sponge and spread the starch accordingly over the wallpaper in such a way that it penetrates to the wall. This will help in ensuring its stickiness. Continue this for the whole wall until you are satisfied with the results same as interior design Dubai.

Adjust with this temporary DIY wallpaper until you can call over home interior designers in Dubai and get your work done.